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Ergopharm 1 AD Prohormone Review

Ergopharm 1 AD is one of the best orals you can get right now - potency and result wise. The target hormone is 1-testosterone which is suppose to be 700% more potent than testosterone. Of course, this is under lab conditions and is not necessarily true in real life scenarios.

Nonetheless, I've had alot of positive feedback on Ergopharm 1AD and its effectiveness for putting on lean mass and strength gains. Read our 1ad review:

Below are user reviews and feedback on ergopharm 1 AD.

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Ergopharm 1 AD User Reviews and Feedback

Ergopharm 1 AD Prohormone User Feedback

I am on the fifth week of my 1AD cycle and it is the best money I have spent. In 8 months of strength training with creatine, protein and mutivitamins I gained about 5 pounds of lean mass. In 4 weeks on 1AD I have gained about 15 pounds of lean mass. My neck and quads have exploded! Not to mention a 5% drop in overall body fat. If there is anything better out there that I won't get arrested for possesion of, please let me know!

Now the big question. I have heard conflicting info about the need for an estrogen blocker at the end of my cycle. I guess it wouldn't hurt to use some 6_OXO or something similar, but I don't want to hurt my wallet any more than necessary. Has anyone seen effects of gyno on those using 1AD? The last thing I need now is b!tch tits!

- Dave


Ergopharm 1 AD Prohormone User Review

I am currently on my 2nd cycle of 1-AD. On my first cycle (which was about 4 months ago), I took 1 tab 3 times a day for 6 weeks. The gain was amazing, by the end of my cycle, I gained about 20 pounds, which is not bad for a guy like me, and what surprised me is, I am able to keep the weight on when I got off the cycle.

What really troubles me were some of the side effects. 1. My libido went down to the toilet, Nothing.... nada... My gf nearly broke up with me. 2. Atitude problem. The smallest thing can set me off. 3. Losing hair. 4. Acne problem, I literally have acne all over my body, my back, chest, face. Everywhere.

I am on my 4th week of my second cycle right now. Instead of 3 tabs a day, I have decreased it to 2 tabs a day. I don't see the dramatic gain like the previous cycle. But I noticed that my libido is still there... it's low, but it's there. 2. No atitude issue. 3. no hair loss (yet). 4. and no acne problem at all.

I spoke to a lot of ppl, and they said I am wasting my money if I take less than 3 tabs a day. I agree, but consider that I dont' have any of the side effect, and have a moderate gain, that's a fair trade off (especially keeping my gf).

- make


Ergopharm 1 AD Prohormone User Review

i am 5'11 185lbs with a muscular build. I was on 1ad for a just one bottle and i put on 10lbs and packed on alot of muscle. My back and arms especially just blew up. What was good aobout it was that the strength stayed after my bottle after months of not working out due tobaseball. I recoomend this product. the only side effect i had was at parites i was a little more irritable and my sex drive was def lowered......but i stacked with tribulis after i noticed that and i was fine

- MCS9000


well here goes. i started my stack with 300mg of 1ad 300mg 4ad week1,week2 400mg 1ad 600mg 4ad,week3 500mg 1ad 600mg 4ad,week 4 600mg 1ad 600mg 4ad. i have seen some really good gains off of this stack my weight when from 210 to 225 and my strength was incredible every single body part seemed to benefit. here are a few of my increases bench press went from 240 max to 280 max. military press 135 to 150 workout weight , squats went up from 300 max to 350 max there are just to many to list but you get the point. i didnt have any bad sides at all no shrikage or pain no increase in acne and i was only slightly more irrratable the only thing was an increase in facial hair but it has always grown pretty fast anyway. i would highly recomend this product to anyone that is old enough and dedicated enough. it isnt easy to eat the amount you have to eat and stay focused enough to push yourself hard every time you go to the gym . this isnt for everyone you must have yourself ready to go into this or you are wasting your time and money, but if you are ready you will see some great gains.

- Shep

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