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Tonalin CLA Supplement Review

CLA is NOT a fat burner. I thought I would clear that up for some - so set your mind at ease, as you're most likely not going to experience any bad side effects, and only good results with tonalin CLA. CLA is a dietary supplement, a non-essential fatty acid, that works fantastic for promoting lean mass gain, fat reduction, and especially around the mid section.

I've been recommending CLA supplements to many of our visitors, and to say the least, I've had fantastic feedback. Many (I mean many) users have reported back with excellent results, and were especially pleased with what CLA did for their mid section.

I should point out, that although CLA works great, you MUST be very PATIENT with it. Typically, results will start showing after a month or longer of use, which means you need to be patient, and use CLA for some extended time to see good results. But the patience is well worth it, as you will see from some user reviews below.

You can read some in depth articles on tonalin CLA:

Tonalin CLA Review
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Tonalin CLA Supplement User Reviews and Feedback

Tonalin CLA User Feedback

I will get on board on this one Jim..

Jamison CLA or Prolab whichever was handy
6g a day
Lost all the little stubborn fat pockets on my stomach.AMAZING.
Iam going to use it while iam bulking also.I can`t say enough about this supp.

- Smilely


Tonalin CLA User Feedback

hehe.. first Jamieson's then Prolabs..
started with about 9g/day
haven't put on any new fat during 9 weeks of bulking so far..
excellent product.. gotta buy some more tonight!

- Y2Jversion1


Tonalin CLA User Review

Well, I combined CLA and Xenedrine EFX.....I will be posting more results by Monday.....but what I can tell you now is that I lost 7-8lbs in a month.....compared to using xenedrine alone only about 5lbs lost....

- BiG_MigZ


Tonalin CLA User Feedback

CLA isnt bad for weight loss. Its not like Xenadrine or anything, but it works, alot slower. I took mine with Xenadrine EFX, Amino Acid, and L Glutamine. IT was not too bad.

- brad335


Tonalin CLA User Review

I'm really doing it!!! I'm finally losing this fat!!! I started dieting, seriously dieting 4 weeks ago. I've lost 7 lbs and 8 inches from my waist,hips and thighs!!! Thank you CLA, Hydroxycut and a plentitude of other sups. I'm so happy!!!!! Just 13 lbs to my goal!! Those inches can keep falling off!! I will be a Goddess this summer!! Yeah for me!

- Lisa

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